Soldier assault


Also There is also the wolf. The wolf is a noun that Li Meng used to frighten me. The old horse said it was gone long ago, but I still believe that one night when I was standing guard, I saw the wolf. It was not terrible. We stared at each other for a while and then we were busy. There were only a few of us within a radius of dozens of kilometers. It was less of the same kind than me. Besides, we were not short of food. But the old horse insisted that it was a fox. I am a mountain man, I never thought that the ground could be so flat and so undulating, never thought that such a horizon would be so vivid. This emptiness is completely convincing, the grassland has become the place where I have the least doubts, when people have no doubts, they can do a lot of things, he can "have the time to do something else". Now people say that I have become a person, but sometimes, I really want to go back there to see. Because the myth of Xu Sanduo happened there. Second-class sergeant Xu Sanduo Walking into the simple room, Xu Sanduo simply looked silly. The interior here is not too neat, the quilt folded into tofu blocks has been sat on, there are obviously a few buttock marks on the bed, the poker on the table, indicating that someone was playing poker just now. Seeing the instructor come in with Xu Sanduo, Li Meng and several veterans stood at attention without saying a word, looking very unripe. Where is your monitor? The instructor spoke and said that the new recruits would come today. Why didn't he come out to welcome them? You see how much this dampens the enthusiasm of new comrades? Xu Sanduo, put down your luggage. Report, I didn't wait outside. I guess your car broke down on the way. The speaker is Li Meng. Followed by Lao Wei: Report, this is the collective activity time, you know we have no conditions to engage in other sports except poker. Xue Lin said: "Report, the monitor lost, punished to go to the kitchen to cook noodles.". The giddy that political instructor listens: Is a person report no good? One person, one sentence of cross talk? Li Meng says: "Report, political instructor, see a day on these a few people, stay to come tacitly!"! Monitor old horse came in at this moment: "Report Instructor, how did you arrive here?"? I thought I would arrive in the dark. Everyone followed the old horse and extended their hands to Xu Sanduo, saying several words of welcome. The instructor looked relieved and said it was welcome! Do you know? I didn't get off the other ones, and I just got off at this terminal. How can I say hello to the fifth monitor? Not even a Gong or drum sounded. As he spoke, the instructor found that behind the old horse's ear, there was still a note that had been pasted when playing poker, and he tore it down. Li Meng, Xue Lin, what do you want me to say? The old horse was embarrassed and hurried to find a step. Li Meng is busy perfunctory, say this knock, this knock. If you really want to get it, the instructor said forget it. Xue Lin saw that the instructor had been standing all the time and said that you should take the instructor. Instructor says: Sit where? Sit on the bed? Monitor 5, can you sit on the bed? Nothing! The old horse glared at them and said, "Which one of you is sitting again?"? Several soldiers hurriedly flattened the buttocks, precision welded tubes ,aluminium coated steel tube, put the poker away, and gave the instructor and Xu Sanduo a glass of water. Xue Lin said, "Instructor, you drink water, which contains high copper content and is also mineral water.". The instructor didn't want to drink water originally, but he was so angry that he took a big drink and said, Xue Lin, you can bear hardships and love to say strange things. I will convey a message that the water pipe will be received here in the second half of the year. You can drink clean water and connect a water pipe for four people, not to mention that you are not in the group's heart. It would be nice if you could just bring us another club. Instructor did not take over the past, he pointed to Li Meng Xu Sanduo: "Li Meng, with a new Comrade no, this is Xu Sanduo, just out of the recruit company.". Go to get familiar with the combat readiness environment, and don't have one mouth of chicken and one mouth of duck. Li Mengchong made a look at Xu Sanduo, and they went out. As soon as he went out, Li Meng was much more proud than he was in front of the instructor. He asked Xu Sanduo if he had looked out of the car just now? Xu Sanduo said that he had been watching. Then you're already familiar with the combat environment. How many hours did you run here from the recruit company? Xu Sanduo asked about four or five hours. Then you are familiar with the geographical location. Li Meng shook his hand and said that it was over. Let's go back. But Xu Sanduo looked around in a daze. He said I wasn't familiar with it yet. Li Meng is a little impatient. Look, you are so serious. What is there to be familiar with? Just four crooked houses, five. No, you don't count.. Four well-tempered men. This place is neither far nor near. It is a four-hour drive from the regimental headquarters. Supply trucks come every three days to unload supplies, letters and other things. Our main task is to guard the oil pipeline, ensure the fuel supply of field troops during exercises, as well as routine exercises, combat readiness training, patrols.. Where is it? I said the pipe. Li Mengzhen wanted to pat him on the head and said he was underground! We don't need to take care of the automatic operation. We used to use a platoon to watch it, but we found that it was useless, so we withdrew it all. Our use is like the Catcher in the Rye, that is, the scarecrow, to poke at this, to frighten people. I'm so tired. I haven't talked so much for three days. Do you have a cigarette? No Have. Xu Sanduo immediately took out a cigarette. Li Meng immediately lit one: "You don't smoke?"? These cigarettes are for veterans? Xu Sanduo gave a silly hum. Li Meng smiled, still can be made. Let me tell you this, this task is not surprising, it is not dangerous, the folkway here is simple, not to mention the destruction of enemy agents, even the idea of stealing oil has not gone through the mind, storms and hailstorms here are rare in a hundred years, this underground pipeline does not need our maintenance. This place says bitter not bitter, say tired also absolutely not tired, it is two words: Boring! Xu Sanduo listened in a daze. Do you have any hobbies? Hobby? Xu Sanduo thought: No. Then I suggest you find a hobby quickly, or you will see stars if you stay for five minutes without doing anything. I tell you, did you see the one who was standing with me just now? His name is Xue Lin, and his hobby is to send the strayed sheep back to the herdsmen. When he has time, he looks for them outside. He doesn't want to praise them, but he wants to talk to people outside Class 5. Old Ma,side impact beams, the squad leader, doesn't play chess now, and he's studying bridge. Old Wei simply likes to give people ten nicknames a day.. They are all very silly. Xu Sanduo listened in a daze. You What are your hobbies.

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